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Dead Set Bit is a new-age tech company focusing on quietly but efficiently delivering complete solutions without the need for a lot of hand-waving, trendy tech terms or an office with a ball pit.

We use a combination of our own staff and subcontractors to simply get things done and have delivered projects from conception to market for close to two decades as silent partners.

Empathic Building

Empathic Building is a product we have developed from scratch originally for Tieto and now for Haltian. It is a tool to transform your working environment for the digital era, with a focus on employee wellbeing. The current main focus is on offices and employees, but we have delivered a platform for running any digital twin along with their real-time data. On the customer-facing side it is built on our own 3D engine and everything runs platform-independently in your browser.

Check out more about the project at Haltian Empathic Building.

An old-school platformer and a mobile game for people who dislike mobile gaming and enjoy a challenge. It's free, there are no ads! (You currently need to unlock the later levels as a one time purchase, but even those will be made free in the next update. When there is time for that next update, no one knows!)

Completed as a one-man side project over the course of 5 years, everything from the multiplatform game engine to the sounds have been hand-made from scratch.

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Pauli Ervi

The Original Bit

Delivers complete products and solutions from ideation to market. Full-stack means from boot loader to user interface. Translating the real world and its real needs into bits.

Yacine Ouarab

Trusty Lieutenant

A technical person who can think like a non-technical person. I do code, admin work & management with the end-result being a working solution for customer needs.

Nikita Kononov

The Hearty Hacker

Jack of all trades but a master of none, yet still better than the master of one!

Jonna Salomaa

The Artsy Fartsy Lassie

With DSB since 2017, there to help whenever things need to be pretty. Also very good at petting cats.

info [at] deadsetbit [dot] com

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This site was made as a side project by Jonna, who is not a coder, so don't be too hard on it.

Nikki thought it would ruin the company image if someone looked at the sources and think this is what we deliver.

Pauli thought it was fine and looked quite nice.

Jasu could not be reached for a comment since he was too busy with actual work.

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